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Residential Services



Have you been considering installing skylights on your home? Double C Roofing keeps the entire process simple! We follow our time-tested process to ensure that the installation is carried out safely, efficiently, and to the highest standard. Here is a brief overview of the process:

  1. Inspection and consultation: Double C Roofing will inspect the roof and consult with the homeowner to determine the best location and size of the skylight. We will also discuss the type of skylight to be installed and provide an estimate of the cost and timeline for the installation.

  2. Preparation: Our roofing team will prepare the area around the skylight installation site. This may include clearing debris and removing any existing roofing material in the area where the skylight will be installed.

  3. Framing: Double C Roofing will create the framing for the skylight opening. We will ensure that the opening is properly sized and shaped to fit the skylight.

  4. Installation: The skylight will be carefully installed into the prepared opening. Your roofers will ensure that the skylight is level, properly sealed, and securely fastened to the roof.

  5. Flashing: We will install flashing around the skylight to prevent water from penetrating the roof. This includes placing a watertight seal around the skylight to ensure that it is completely weatherproof.

  6. Finishing: We will finish the installation by applying any necessary finishes to the skylight.

  7. Clean up: Your team of roofers will clean up the installation site, removing any debris or equipment used during the installation process.

  8. Inspection: Double C Roofing will conduct a final inspection to ensure that the skylight is installed to the highest standard and is structurally sound.

Overall, a professional skylight installation by your trusted roofers at Double C involves a thorough consultation, careful preparation, precise installation, and final inspection to ensure that the skylight is a safe and attractive addition to the home.